The Rapier Customer Growth Platform

The Rapier Platform makes it easier for you to unlock answers related to customer growth and to use the outputs to focus teams, channels and martech activation to best effect. It is set up for you and continuously updated with refreshes to track all your customer programmes.

The Rapier Customer Dynamics AI gathers data spanning multiple sources over the past years, transforming and time-slicing it to reveal key classes of insights.

Other critical offerings include the Customer Fast Forward, effectively a FFWD button on the Customer Dynamics, providing very accurate revenue projections ATBE (All Things Being Equal). The key purpose, however, is to identify the risks and opportunities. 

Our sandbox is where your D&A Teams can make their magic happen! 

We accelerate delivery of insights, tackle key business use cases and map a clear path to growth

Customer Dynamics AI
The Customer Dynamics AI product equips the client with comprehensive insights into customer relationships, brand significance, how these are changing over time and growth-driving behaviours.

  • Increased understanding of the Customer base and data-driven segmentation based on how different customer groups engage with the brand.
  • Customer Engagement Analysis over time for key metrics like communication, promotions, and loyalty scheme participation.
  • Customer Shopping Behaviour Analysis, including around shopping missions and the dynamics of each mission.
  • Customer Value Transitions & Drivers, including summaries of changes in behaviour that impact revenue, engagement, and loyalty, and key drivers of behaviour changes linked to Customer Value Transitions.
  • Time slicing feature using three years of data. We generate 36 monthly snapshots to observe behaviours over time, enabling us to identify value drivers, analyse specific customer groups, and track their movement.

Customer Fast Forward
The Fast Forward offering projects the customer dynamics forward to deliver a forecast of changes in behaviour and related trends,and the associated impact on revenue over the following 12 months.

  • A projection of changes in customer dynamics and the associated impact on revenue. 
  • A rich picture of what the customer base and therefore the revenue profile will look in 12-months’ time. 
  • An understanding of the priority transitions (movements within and between customer groups) that are shaping the future customer base. 
  •  ATBE (All Things Being Equal) sales and customer volume projection, with directional impact on other reported customer and trading KPIs, including category sales and channel.

Customer Health Score
The Customer Health Score is a metric built from an AI algorithm which interrogates how active your customers are and how broadly they are purchasing and correlates to revenues 12 months out with >97% accuracy.

  • Trends in the frequency, breadth, purchase behaviour, and movement of customers through lifecycle stages to create an assessment of future revenue health in a unified score. 
  • Future health of revenue by providing a score which indicates whether revenues in 12 months’ time are likely to grow or shrink and provides a high-level identification of risks and opportunities. 
  • Pinpointing which areas of customer behaviour and journey warrant further investigation. Monthly updates enable executives to track customer health and revenue impact for commercial leaders to take proactive action. 

Promotion Optimisation
Identify which promotions and mechanics are the most effective in driving positive incremental short- and long-term returns across commercial and customer KPIs.

  • Topline Promotional Performance evaluating number of positive, negative and neutral driving promotions based on Promotional Margin. 
  • Promotion / Category Level Performance measuring contribution of promotions & mechanics against performance KPIs.
  • Customer Insights on promotions performance to support future promotion planning.

Power BI, Sandbox and APIs
Our analytics Sandbox provides clean, structured and transformed data that your teams can use to build models in and Power BI dashboards from – accelerating exploration & development whilst reducing risks and overheads.

Our APIs integrate with your existing Activation systems. for simple data upload and extraction. These include Campaign Management systems, Customer Decisioning systems, Offer Management systems, Recommendation Engines,and Ad Tech systems.

  • Single-source of truth across business teams.
  • Increased speed to insights, assessing ideas rapidly and spotting opportunities faster.
  • Refreshed periodically ensuring data is relevant and up to date.
  • Reduced risks and overheads.
  • Dedicated support to help the team get the most value from the environment.