Our AI Analytics Platform transforms customer data into business growth

Unlocking the potential of First-Party Data remains a common challenge for many businesses.

Our unique approach delivers customer insights, guiding business growth and execution in a radically different way.

And in doing so, we play a central role in the strategic visions of CxOs, CRM, Martech and Data & Analytics teams.

The Rapier Customer Growth Platform lets you stand in your customers’ shoes and answer growth-focused questions:

  • What role do you play in your customers’ lives? 
  • How much value does each customer receive and give back to your brand? 
  • Which interactions create the most value for your customers and business?

How we help our clients

Advanced AI Analytics
Utilising our proprietary historic data time-slicing method, we connect every customer interaction into a rich picture of their relationship with your brand.

Offering & Use Cases
Rapier directly links this rich customer insight to commercial use cases.

Power BI Interfaces and the Customer Sandbox
We offer Power BI interfaces and a Customer Sandbox for data and analytics teams to explore insights and build models for further analysis.

APIs Integration
We integrate our APIs to provide customer growth insights directly into your Activation systems.

Client Snapshot