Millions of customer interactions are analysed through a series of strategic lenses to identify clusters of customers with shared behavioural attributes. Resulting in clearly defined segments and explicit understanding of their relationship with and value to your business.

Once the segments are defined, further analysis identifies the pattern of customer transitions between segments, showing whether there is value growth or decline in the customer base. The behavioural drivers which have the strongest relationship to these transitions are also revealed. Giving a clear picture of the value driving or value destroying behaviours.

A Single Source of Truth

The Dynamic Behavioural Segmentation is created directly from first party data ingested by the Rapier Customer Platform. All of the key transitions within and between segments are revealed, along with the behavioural drivers associated with them. As a consequence, everyone in the business can work from the same understanding of customers and align to create the optimum interventions.

Overlay Attitudinal, Psychographic & Market Segmentations

The Dynamic Behavioural Segmentation (DBS) can be enhanced by overlaying other types of segmentation, with the DBS telling you the ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘Where’ and ‘How’ and Attitudinal and Psychographic Segmentations bringing in the ‘Why?’.

Dynamic makes all the difference

Our Dynamic Behavioural Segmentation reveals the changes in customer segments over time and gives a constantly updated view of the size, value and behaviours of those segments. This insight supports customer centred planning, and evolution of strategy to respond to the changes seen in customer behaviour. Those changes can be monitored through our Customer KPI Dashboard, which also supports the tracking and impact measurement of decisions and actions.



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