At Rapier, we offer a range of services – powered by our Customer Platform – to complement and accelerate your internal capabilities. 

Here are just a few of the ways in which we help our clients achieve greater growth:

Segmentation Alignment & Activation

Many businesses have multiple customer segmentations developed for different purposes at different times.

The Rapier Customer Platform and Dynamic Behavioural Segmentation deliver a single source of truth and we have extensive experience of overlaying attitudinal and market segmentations to further increase power and utility across all areas of business strategy and decision making.

Customer Experience Measurement & Evaluation

CX investment is notoriously difficult to value. We have solved this.

The Customer Platform’s deep understanding and capability to track, measure and evaluate customer behaviour gives constant access to robust metrics, and an understanding of which aspects of CX investment are delivering the desired return.

Customer Engagement Strategy

Whatever your business, true customer-centricity requires a data-driven Customer Engagement Strategy that meets the individual needs of your customers. ​

Our experienced Strategy team can work with you to understand the frequency, depth and breadth of brand-focused interactions that your customers perform.​

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey methodologies often start with products rather than customers. Too often brands create journeys that derive from selling more X or increasing Y. ​

Our approach to customer journey mapping starts with identifying the customer needs that we can observe in the Data and how well your business currently meets those needs based on the interactions we see.

Contact Strategy Implementation

Working with you to define customer-specific objectives and KPIs, the Rapier team transforms those into actionable customer contact strategies, frameworks and plans.

Depending on your requirements, we can either work with your chosen in-house or partner teams right through to delivery and implementation; or we can handle the entire process from end to end.

CRM Strategy & Implementation

As a channel able to implement actionable insights relatively fast, CRM plays an important role in most businesses.

Both the core Strategy team and CRM Strategy team at Rapier have delivered numerous CRM strategies and associated campaigns deploying a variety of MarTech platforms in multiple sectors (including Retail, Retail Financial Services, Telco, Travel, Automotive and Healthcare).



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