Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform

We have built a Platform that connects all sources of data to create an end-to-end picture of customer behaviour. This provides all the insight needed to create a clear and robust Customer Strategy that connects insight to execution and optimises the creation of value within your customer base and your Business.

At its core, the Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform enables you to manage the value exchange between you and your customers. It does that by analysing their Value to the Business and contrasting that with their Customer Perceived Value.

The result is that you’ll have a customer strategy that will guide marketing spend to acquire and nurture happier and more profitable customers.

The pre-built nature of the Platform allows us to work quickly and cost efficiently, but it has also been adapted to maximise application for different industries and stakeholders. Importantly, it can also be operationalised via existing marketing technology to power automated execution and track results.


  • A comprehensive view of key customer journeys using previously siloed datasets
  • Detailed, effective and a Dynamic Behavioural Segmentation for your customer base, that will identify their predicted ‘Transitions’ over time
  • Robust and complete Customer Strategy based on the current and future Value Exchange between your brand and your customers
  • Smarter approach to customer acquisition and nurture based on long-term business value
  • Dynamic view of immediate headwinds, commercial opportunities and gateway behaviours
  • Fast Forward Scenario Planning Tool to appraise new marketing initiatives and the impact of external market forces
  • Customer Explorer for stakeholders to accelerate internal insight delivery and enhance existing marketing activity


To fully leverage the insight and strategic opportunities, the Platform is designed to integrate with existing marketing technology used by our clients. This includes a closed data loop to execute and optimise activity across direct, owned and paid platforms.

Our Platform integration allows for both small and large martech suppliers including major players such as Google, Saleforce and Adobe. In addition to Demand Side Platforms we also work with Open APIs and Customer Match Tools to power paid media activity.



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