Agency Model

Once built, the Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform is an engine that accelerates and enhances existing marketing activities, or powers new ones. The granular nature of the data and insights within the Platform means these activities can be executed with clarity and accuracy, without having to rely on additional research or third-party data. In some cases, slices of the Platform can be built to power individual initiatives. Expand the headings below to understand how we help our clients across their end-to-end marketing process.


Using tens of millions of data points, we create a single view of customer behaviour that is transformed and sequenced into clear journeys. Existing research and insights can also be mapped on to these journeys to build a richer picture.


We examine patterns in customer journeys to reveal related interactions that serve a common purpose. We also use advanced clustering techniques to group customers who use the brand in similar ways.


By analysing snapshots of customer profiles over time, our Historical Transition Explorer identifies critical changes within the customer base such as purchase behaviour, campaign engagement and willingness to pay.


We use advanced analytics to uncover the behavioural Drivers behind changes in customer engagement and value. In some cases, we also assess the impact of demographic and psychographic Drivers.


Within our Fast Forward Model, we use a detailed analysis of past customer behaviour to predict engagement, value and Transitions in the near and far future.

Value Exchange

The Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform enables you to identify, predict and manage the exchange between Customer Perceived Value, and how valuable they are to the Business.

Customer Objectives

We translate business and marketing goals into clear customer objectives, identify critical Transitions that impact those objectives, and prioritise efforts to mitigate or accelerate them.

KPI Setting and Budgeting

We set detailed key performance metrics to clearly track the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Our Fast Forward scenario planning tool then allocates the appropriate budgets required to meet those objectives.


Powered by data transformation and analysis, we create enhanced segmentation, campaign selections, propensity models, and personalisation activities for paid and owned channels.

CX and Planning

We are able to provide the insight and strategic direction for all elements of the Customer Experience; from in-store visits to mobile app usage, from CRM activity to above-the-line advertising campaigns.


The Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform is designed to integrate with existing marketing systems and technology to automate execution. For example, our Trigger and Recommendation Engines allow marketers to target and personalise their communications at scale while minimising costs and effort.


We offer data-driven brand positioning, creative and content development, either delivered by ourselves or often in collaboration with other agencies or in-house teams. We also have Partnerships with best-in-class data driven Content Production companies where Clients don’t have production resources in-house.


The Rapier Customer Behaviour Platform monitors ongoing marketing performance and changes within the customer base, allowing us to evolve the Customer Strategy as the changes occur.


We design comprehensive measurement frameworks for marketing activity, manage its implementation, and provide in-flight and post campaign evaluation and reporting.

Marketing Focus and Investment

Using various analytical techniques, we evaluate and optimise marketing decisions such as media investment, channel selection, discounts and promotions, and product distribution.


We design, implement and assess testing across paid media and owned channels to measure the incremental impact of specific buying strategies and optimise conversion rates.


We tailor the delivery of our services according to the business context, our clients’ established processes and existing resources. Meaning that together we can design a straightforward plan that builds on all that is in place.

For each project, we assemble the appropriate team from our pool of experts across Strategy, Data & Analytics, Technology, Creative & Design and Project Management.

We can lead across all disciplines or simply where existing resource is lacking.



Project passed back and forth between retained BAU team, additional specialists, and overhead leadership.


Carefully selected talent with the appropriate level of seniority, expertise and experience to collaboratively work with you and your partners from brief to delivery.


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