We are helping HTC create direct customer relationships for the first time. We’ve increased their customer database by over 400% in the first year, and most importantly, created significant shifts in engagement.

We help HTC engage customers throughout the lifecycle of customer contracts.

We reinforce reasons why HTC was the right choice for them by keeping them informed of the brand’s benefits in ways that are tailored to individual usage and preferences. The data ensures that customer conversations are always targeted, varied and engaging helping to cement the relationship between HTC and its customers – making sure HTC is front of mind when it comes to replacing their phone.


We are driving change to TalkTalk’s marketing model. Like other telco’s in growth mode, their focus has been largely on acquiring new customers. We are deeply engaged across all areas of TalkTalk’s business to shift the focus towards existing customers. We have created a new engagement segmentation which now underpins all marketing activity.

The new approach ensures customers are receiving best value from whatever services they have signed up to. We are also driving commercial value back to the business from driving down churn, significantly improving engagement and identifying the right customers to recruit. All of this is achieved by combining the insights we mine through our onsite data team, with our creative capabilities to deliver the right conversation across every channel customers use.

Our job is to help TalkTalk with value targeted, relevant and engaging communications.

We create end-to-end customer engagement strategies to support key business metrics and the customers themselves. This engages TalkTalk’s customer base and prevents them switching.


We’re working with the bank leadership team to help NatWest on its journey to become no.1 for customer service, trust and advocacy on the high street by 2020. For us, that means leading the development of a customer strategy and a new approach to marketing to work hand in glove with the bank’s brand strategy.

We live in a world where financial services are increasingly digital and mobile based. We’re helping NatWest customers bank in new ways, that make their lives easier and that they find more helpful than ever before. However, millions of customers still visit the NatWest branches every day, so we’re also helping make that the best experience it can be too.

Working with NatWest staff to create better conversations through inspiring as well as helpful communications, in whatever format works best.


We’re working with Argos Leadership, and our colleagues at CHI, to help transform Argos into the leading omnichannel retailer in the UK. Like other bricks and mortar retailers, their view of the business has always been through a trading lens.

We’ve now added a Customer lens. We have a data team permanently onsite working with Argos’ own Insight team to create a single customer view. We’ve already been able to attribute 78% of transactions to individual customers and today have a clear view of ‘who, what, where, when and how’ customers shop Argos. This allows us to help Customers get more value out of the experience and delivers more value back to Argos.

Our ambition is to create SuperEngagement to match Argos’ ambition to be the SuperRetailer.


We’re helping make every customer count for some of the most well-known brands. If you want to be one of them get in touch today